Saturday, June 9, 2018

Top Battle Royale Games to watch out for in 2018

There's no doubt that the Battle Royale Genre has turned out to be a huge success and now there are over a dozen decent Battle Royale Games and there are more to come.
Some of you probably don't like PUBG, some don't like Fortnite or some may hate this genre or concept itself.
But there's no denying the fact that its popularity will keep on increasing.
Here are 4 Battle Royale Games that I expect to even more popular than what they are today.

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds

Even though PUBG popularity has been decreasing after Fortnite got popular, the Mobile Version of PUBG has changed the things a lot.
PUBG Mobile has reached over 50 million downloads in Android and iOS. And it is also a free game on Smartphones.
But we cannot predict what will happen after Fortnite comes to Android.
PUBG still remains Top 5 Games at Twitch and the #2 Battle Royale Games. And it is expected to stay at the same position for 2018.
Guess what? There are many games like PUBG that you can play on PC, Mobile, and Console.
Some of them offer a different kind of gameplay but some like Rules of Survival are more or less the clones of PUBG.


Even if you hate Fortnite, you cannot deny the fact that it is currently the number 1 Battle Royale Games in the World and the Top Game at popular Streaming site Twitch.
It is already ruling in PC and Console. The free nature of this game made it popular than PUBG on console and PC.
And now very soon, it will come to Android Devices and Nintendo Switch.
I just have no idea how successful it can get once it arrives on Android.

Realm Royale

Realm Royale caught the World's attention when Professional Player Tyler Ninja Blevins decided to play it one day. Here's a gameplay of the same.

It is an interesting game that is kinda similar to Fortnite in terms of Graphics but the gameplay is far different.
Will Ninja playing this game change its fate? You'll have to wait and find out if this game gets popular or not.
Meanwhile, I've just started downloading this game from Steam and get its first experience.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

This is an upcoming game from the Call of Duty series that will have a Battle Royale mode. Though its release is still months away, there are so many talking about it.
By looking at its trailer, I'm expecting something really good this time. It will also be good to see how the Call of Duty series will use the Battle Royale concept.